To love what you do,

that is a true blessing.

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Dianne White - ArtistHi there, I'm so glad you've dropped by to check out my work and more about me...

Artist - Wife - Mother - Meema - Tea, Travel & Nature Lover

Well I'm really not that great at writing about myself but that's what you've come to this page to find out, so here's a little bit more about me that may help you to get to know me a little more.... 

I have lived and breathed creativity since I was a very young child, and pursued creative fields since starting my own Professional Photography Business in 1990 along with starting up and operating a Website Design Business in 2008, having both businesses operating and complimenting eachother for many years. I then closed them both up to pursue a Design and Print Franchise Business in 2016, which I currently still operate full time here on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia...

But with all of my career and employment choices over the years, my true passion has always been, creating ART in any way I can. Through either drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture or photography, making and creating ART in various forms and subject matters is what I truly love to do. 

At the end of 2014, I found myself wondering why I hadn't created much art over the past couple of years, and it was easy to see that life and work kept getting in the way of what I loved to do, so I set myself a challenge to do an artwork everyday for 1 year. So on the 1st January 2015, I started a year long goal and did a small piece of art everyday, and set out to love creating again.

My 365 Art Project worked and my love for art was reborn and in doing so, I learn and developed new skills and techniques working with different mediums and subject matters.  To my surprise, I discovered that I could paint flowers and buildings better then I had ever done before, a new confidence was in me and my love for creating was stronger than ever :) 

In late 2015, I decided to paint my Daughter's wedding bouquet as a gift for her, and after showing it to a few friends on Facebook, I had 3 orders on the first day, with others also wanting their bridal bouquets painted.  From this, I had the courage and the confidence to set out persuing an art career and creating every day. 

From this and when Covid hit in 2020, my life took another turn and I discovered that I needed to create my art to help with my mental and physical health and wellbeing. So I started to play with and research different mediums and techniques to make more free flowing, inspired art pieces in more of an abstract form. 

This was something that has challenged me as I'm normally a "real life painter" but learning these new abstract and mixed media skills, has opened the door and my eyes to new and more inspiring creations that I'm truly proud to share with the world. 

How I feel in that moment, what I want others to feel when they look upon my work and how they make a space look and feel is very important to me. For art should be a feeling expressed thought colour in a moment, to be shared and interpreted by others. 

I couldn't be happier and am in love with what I do and feel very blessed to be given the opportunity to create custom pieces to celebrate special events or memories in others lives... 

So as you can see, I'm a pretty simple person with a creative and fun spirit.

Thank you again for stopping by and please look through my Portfolio and Shop if you have a few moments, hopefully there is something there that you may like or commission me to create for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon...

Take care and kindest regards...

Dianne... xx



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