Dianne White - ArtistMy artwork is inspired by colour and nature as I focus on trying to liven up and brighten the world around me and the spaces that my work is located in. My paintings are highly decorative, however I feel they also serve as a reflection of the beauty and complexity that nature provides.  I like to capture the essence of a subject, botanical piece or landscape, mixing it up a little and making it my own. I use colour, texture and different mediums to bring out the emotion I feel when creating my work and how I interpret it to look at the time. 

My colour palette is governed by my mood and the general feeling I want to create within each painting when creating it.

I generally work with a mixture of bright and subtle colours, while enjoying creating pieces that have colours clashing yet complimenting each other. I am not afraid of colour and I often experiment with combinations that are not usually traditionally associated with the subject matter that I'm painting, for the sole purpose of having fun and seeing where a piece can end up.

I love to work off reference images, yet often change them in so many areas that they no longer look exactly like the reference image they are relating to. 

I let each painting speak to me in it's own unique way. I love to work quickly and therefore use different mediums, such as watercolour, oil/chalk pastels, inks and acrylics which all allow me to work in this way. Each piece is then finished off with a layer of matt sealer/varnish to enhance the colours, textures and depth, while protecting the surface of the piece and preserving it for the future.

Creating and painting for me is second nature, I have been doing it in one way or another since my early childhood years and I couldn't imagine living my life without it. 

My paintings are not only a direct reflection of my experiences, my surroundings and how I see the subject to be in my own mind, but they are also a little piece of me, bursting out and being captured for all the world to see - a glimpse into my mind and the thoughts contained within. 

Creating my work is fulfilling on so many levels to me. It's my mental escape from the world, trials and troubles that are often around me and puts me into my "happy place" where I feel most comfortable and safe, allowing me to make the world of my visions and dreams. 

Born - 1971 in Sydney, Australia


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Dianne White - Visual Artist